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Essays in Mythopoetics

There is always a story before every story begins. We, as people of stories, inherit them from our ancestors like we inherit the color of our eyes and textures of our lives, who we are and where we live. Part of the task of every poet is to tell the story of peopling as much as the story of people in telling about what happens to people.

Poetry acknowledges that we are always already situated in the story. And so, the poetizing mind tries to tell how people are moving through this story always already in movement and moving them. Mythopoetics is a kind of storytelling from the perspective of movable centering. Minding images in movement is mythopoetic.

This section includes both nonfiction and fiction pieces.

Splash Feature: Ginette Paris, "How Is Psychology a Mythology?" published February 14, 2013
Splash Feature: Robert Romanyshyn, "Melting Polar Ice" published November, 2011
Splash Feature: Robert Romanyshyn workshop, "Waiting By The Side of the Road" published April, 2011
Splash Feature: Laura Shamas published fall, 2007
Splash Feature: Victoria Valentine published spring, 2007

The Poet In Culture

The Muse

What Is Myth

Seeking The Hands of The Handless Maiden essay retired August, 2009

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