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Mythopoetry Scholar

Annual Reflections In Depth Perspectives
Mythopoetry Scholar Ezine vol. three, 2012
-Stephanie Pope

Organic Gardening pencil drawing by Debbie Kessler


the soul is a knife
the soul is a soft organ

paring back
pairing back
the knife desires
organ music

tears into it
sheet after sheet, note
after note; such tinseled
empty wrappers

the soul is a knife
the soul is a soft organ

between the sheets
if only
you were someone

yet to

the soul is a spiral shell
the soul is a soft mollusk

a psychology of logos
a psychology of eros
thought the soul
of Jung

“kill us”, said his eros
we know more than you
what is dead in your week
and in your

timely weaker
about to exit
independent old intentions

we are the old entanglement
in the brain
old chaos

a psychology of eros
once claimed

this is MY body
said the soft organ

the soul is a knife
the soul is a wide grin

rocking the cradled note
note after note
sheet after sheet, descending
in a million cradles

grileft "n" right "n"ing widely
. "kill us”............
we know better than you
what you want

you want to exist
beyond your brain
you want to exist
beyond your madness

your lava flow
your excrement

we are this very soul
this soft mollusk
the inner life
of the spiral shell

and the red ocher
never flowing back

****right "n"left "n"****


people are losing words
words are losing letters

if people are their letters
and letters mark their losses

what space reaching out from us
within our concealments

is riting oetry


Yellow makes the
golden shadow by
yellowing deeply

it is yellow
we say of yellow
deepening into itself

not "a self"
not the concept
of a self

not the sublime
of some "thing ab-ed"

yellow is not a “stractedness”
as in the idea
"yellow", thought

yellow makes by
(into itself)

deeply at work
hidden in the display

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cultural mythologer, Stephanie PopeAUTHOR BIO
Editor & publisher of Mythopoetry Scholar Ezine vol. 1-3, cultural mythologer and poet, Stephanie Pope works mythopoetics on line where she explores, traces and reveals dominant mythic images and mythemes in psyche-making at work between cosmos and culture today.

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