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Mythopoetry Scholar eZine vol. 3 2012
decreation & desire
-Richard Lance Williams

decreate me desire me
take my unmaking
making away
o how its music
tears it sheet after sheet
so thin it pours down             comes                        off
note after note rocking descending arcing a million cradles
see them floating tossed loop de loop gliding tumbling in the wide immense
no bottom no top no east west nor south no circumference volume no a priori trajectory
bemused he says be bemused & maybe he is maybe the fear has worn off
maybe he believes in believing more than in the believed
& the believers true false & indifferent diving
o how beautiful they are thru the depths
in their finger knots in their oops
their abracadabras their ta das
take a quick bow & exit stage
right with a mile wide grin
well at least he laughed
& he wants to learn
to play the piano
or type either
way just
where he does not
have to look at his hands
be independent of old intentions
the fingers did it, ma, not me
& he floats as if a note in
a lost obbligato
no father to
claim him
no day
to end

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Ric Williams

Richard Lance Williams (Ric Williams)

received his master’s degree in mythology with an emphasis in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 1998. Ric has edited the Litera listings of The Austin Chronicle since 1988. Ric also wrote the “Poet’s Beat” column (interviews with local poets) for The Austin Light from 1987-1991. He edited for Ed Buffalo’s poetry anthologies Aileron and Vowel Movement in the late 80’s and early 90’s and was the associate editor from 1997-1999 for Alchemy on Sunday, the literary journal of Pacifica Graduate Institute. In 2006 he became the senior editor for Dalton Publications. Ric has written and/or edited for the Austin Chronicle, Man! Magazine, and the Salt Journal. His interview with Larry McMurtry is included in Conversations with Texas Writers, published in March 2005 by UT Press.


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