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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sunday Poetry: Brown-Eyed Girl

A Brown-eyed girl
Taking part in the whorl
Taking part
in her wind-world whirling
Begins to explain
Of the ancient refrain
Holding blood through its words
Through the ink in its veins
Holding pierce to the tip
Of a soul-making stain
She writes in the writ
Of her violet pain
Of the curse in the curse
In the ancient refrain
Through its paper-white hues
And the red in the blues
In the life
Of a brown-eyed girl

Stephanie Pope, Like a Woman Falling

posted by Maggie @ 7:37 AM permission to reprint the essays of Maggie Macary has been granted by the executor of the estate of Maggie Macary. wishes to thank Doug Macary& Martin Macary for their generousity in making her essays available to you.


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