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Mythopoetry Scholar Ezine volume one Jan. 2010
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Lady Poets
To Sylvia, Ann, Adrienne, and Erica

No one ever told me
Of the difference;
I listened to THEM,
The ones who spoke
Without blood in their words;
Rarefied, like uncursed oracles;
Unlike what I knew;
Unlike what I am.
I listened.
But monthly I bled,
And sometimes
It became ink,
And I was ashamed
Of what came
And I was silent.
I wasn’t told
Of the difference,
Of the others who knew,
That the blood was good,
And that it was warm.

The others,
The different ones,
Knew how to speak,
And their words
Flowed with the blood,
And mixed with the ink.

-Maggie Macary, 1979

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Maggie Macary Ph.D
Cultural mythologer, Maggie Macary worked on line through between 2000-2006. Myth & Culture's mission statement listed its primary interest as one that helped enable people to find meaning in what seemed to be a meaningless world through the study of mythology and archetypal psychology both within the contemporary culture and within individual psyche. 

The primary focus of her writings sees mythic mind as providing the structure and meaning in contemporary life. Her dissertation research covers myths of fat body.

***permission to reprint the essays of Maggie Macary has been granted by the executor of the estate of Maggie Macary. Mythopoetry Scholar/ wishes to thank Doug Macary& Martin Macary for their generousity in making her essays available to you.

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