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Elle (and the bird of dawn) At Midnight
...........by Stephanie Pope

eyes become air and grapple Elle disabled—the ability of the unable eyes
3X darkened blue, her hue, Elle is
the darkness darkened 'as'
as deepenings in the darkened and
deepenings in the darkened pupil
showing eyes student of Elle years—my eyes
her airs put on; repeat to no one what they cannot say for sure or see

for certain and now undress under sky's night where bent days
blue purple & spill over the edge in untidy messes;
Elle in stepping, steps me over and into the porcelain midnight shower

always withdrawing
my parts pour over me and down
and couple with hers at the dark interval
Elle draws
drawing the red us within ourselves & then, too

draws my bath withdrawing
& the goddess bathes with red
something holy and sacrificed—Elle at midnight
will you make white again this blue leaky life?
it spills in tiny years my bereft and tattered silkens
in worming threads of bled verticality down my thighs

does Elle see the way I do— in uneven eyes?
then tincture blue the dark pupil into which this water
mixes red & turns, & drains; re turn me O

Elle, if my eyes see without matrix, then turn this water neither in nor on
turn this water into drunkenness slurring the way eyes see knowing Elle
& knowing, along the edges of midnight, eyes

are terrified, too

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