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Zero & The Fool

le mat
French Version
Le Mat, le fou, le vagabond,
le mendiant , le géant,
le bouffon, le miséreux,
le juif errant...

Nina Lee Braden writes:

... the Fool has no number but is often assigned the number zero. In fact, it is best to think of the Fool as a floating card whose position can be anywhere ...the Fool is supposed to exist between all cards, as an invisible bridge or gateway ...the Tarot Fool is not quite what comes to mind when many people think of the word "fool" or the term "foolish." There are clear connections to the medieval Fool or Court Jester... he is very close to his own body and experiences his physical sensations fully...The Fool himself is simultaneously nothing and yet everything. He contains all potential, yet he is and has nothing... for full article click here


"The Poor Fool!" : Feeling Poorly and The Poor Feel
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