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Mythopoetry Scholar

Annual Reflections In Depth Perspectives
Mythopoetry Scholar annual ezine vol one
2010 Issue: On Health & Well-Being

Welcome to Mythopoetry Scholar, an annual ezine!
photo credits: scanner art by Richard Lance Williams

Launch Date: January 2, 2010

Inside This Issue:

Gene Toews -poetics & dying -stories
The Poesis Of Dying

STORIES: "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep"

Jason Thompson - emotional intelligence/imaginal intelligence
Emotional Intelligence Is Really Imaginal Intelligence

Dan Mack - vegetative soul in creative life
Well-Being & Making Things

Richard Lance Williams - scattershots - clowns - postscript
some notes on health: dogs & snakes & hands and dreams, etc.: scattershots

POETRY: shaman & clown
untitled postcript twitching

Maggie Macary -fat body -lady poets
The Terror Within

POETRY: Lady Poets

Catherine Svehla - dieting
Holy Wars: Dieting and the Devil Within 

Sara Munro - spinning
The New Hoop

Laura Annawyn Shamas - holy health
The Holiness In Health

Stephanie Pope - the soul of urine - on dew maidens - the frog prince
Orion's Be(e): A Tale Retold

POETRY: The Dew Maiden
Frog Prince (Revisited)

Elizabeth Nelson - descent mythos
Embodying Persephone's Desire: Authentic Movement And Underworld Transformation

William McCreary - story & poem
STORIES: A Christmas Story

POETRY: Will Spring Come?

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